Chrysal Group appoints SPD - as their E-Distributor & 4 PL Partner

SPD - the powerful Third-party Trading Interface has been appointed as the E-Distributor for the Online Store, soon to be launched by the Chrysal Group of Mumbai.

As the Fourth Party (4 PL) Logistics provider, SPD will manage the entire process from purchase order to proof-of-delivery (PO to POD). SPD would be responsible of the freight from 22-25 different manufacturers across China to the centralized Distribution Centre in Mumbai.

‘SPD's positioning as the back-office operations partner, really gives us the breathing space to concentrate on our core competencies. We have absolute clarity on the deliverables with KPI's in place to monitor and track performance in real time’, says Omkar Patel, CEO of the Online Store.

‘SPD in one stroke takes accountability for all third-party contracts with freight forwarders, Third-party Logistics (3 PL) providers, Customs brokers, transport companies and express courier companies. Outsourcing this entire chain to one entity, especially when you are a start-up Online Store, gives confidence to take on other more pressing challenges’, added Omkar Patel.

Orders generated through the Online Store and the product catalogue hosted on the SPD site would get electronically transmitted to the Distribution Centre, where the delivery scheduling would be processed.

‘We wanted to re-define the B-to-B and B-to-C concepts by offering one platform where manufacturers & traders could conclude the sale with the end-user, be it, individuals or businesses, with the process of payment and shipping totally seamless’. We completely do away with financial instruments like Letters of Credit, complexities of International trading and currency valuations’ says Augustine Chalissery, Managing Director of Altair Group, who owned the brand SPD.

Chrysal Group headquartered in Mumbai, has interests in Media, International Trading, Real Estate, Property development. The Group also are Venture Capitalists for start-up companies.

Altair Group, estbFebruary 2002, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has offices in Sultanate of Oman and Mumbai, India. Core specialization is in Consulting, Advisory, Strategic Planning, Task Automation, Supply Chain Management and General Trading.