Home furnishings, fittings, interior artecrafts from twenty seven suppliers spread over nine cities across the world

Nina Nair had recently purchased an apartment on Turner Road, Bandra, Mumbai and she had completed several rounds of discussions with her Architect. Her dilemma was that although there were several International brands, which had set shop in India, she just could not get what she wanted. Nina had travelled extensively and her problem was that the items she wanted was spread across various cities on different continents. Her Architect was helpless and it was just not practical for her to travel to these cities to source these items.

This is when she came across SPD – while searching for solutions on the Internet. Her first meeting with us was full of apprehension, as she could not believe that we would be able to procure for her various kinds of items from all across the world.

Nina was willing to put the time into sourcing, which we made her understand was her responsibility. She began in all earnest to list out various suppliers in different cities and we assisted her in getting is pro-forma invoices from each supplier with details that were required for customs duty assessment.

It took her 3 weeks to compile the full list of suppliers and we were able to put together a packing list, with dimensions of the cartons, gross weight, value, from each supplier city wise. In Singapore, Dubai and London we used our warehousing resources, to consolidate from multiple suppliers so that we could ship it into India as one shipment. We had a total of 27 suppliers in 9 cities across the world.

It took as four weeks, to contact each supplier, confirm payment receipt, co-ordinate with our Associates in each city and get the export documentation and Insurance arranged. Most of the items were moved by sea-freight except some delicate items like figurines, crystal, china clay art, paintings that came in by air freight. All shipments were customs cleared by us in Mumbai Port and delivered to her apartment.

We were fortunate, that we had no damage or lost claims. Nina, as a Customer was patient and trusted us to the core. She supported us all the way in ensuring that the entire project was handled without any misunderstanding or misinterpretation.