Converting a dream into reality

Anila Krishnan, had returned from Singapore towards the end of 2011. She had a seven year old daughter and her husband worked for one of the MNC’s in the dairy industry. Her mother was the Regional Manager (South) for one of India’s largest retail chains. From childhood, she had travelled extensively with her mother across India and been to small villages in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra, Hyderabad-Deccan where she had seen the fine art of craftsmanship in making jewellery.

She remembered the various forms of jewellery design – Meenakari, Kundan, Pachchikam, Filgree work, Bead jewellery, Patu’a, Thewa, Lac jewellery, Temple jewellery etc. For years the images of the village craftsmen and women kept dancing in front of her eyes and now, there was this entrepreneurial spirit that had sprung out of nowhere.

Anila, had arrived at a decision – she had her mind set on launching a brand of jewellery completely different than what the world had seen. She planned to set up her first retail outlet in Chennai. Designing and payment issues was not her immediate problem, her main obstacle was on how to put together a system where her supply lines from various cities to her hub in Chennai ran without a hitch.

She came across the unusual name of SPD quite by chance. One of her friends mentioned the name while they were having coffee at Spencer’s.

Anila contacted us somewhere in the middle of November 2011 and we had extensive discussions on her vision and plans. SPD had to arrange pick-up from 10 cities across India and deliver it to a warehouse in Chennai. By the third week of December 2011, we had put together a solution and worked out the channels that would ensure a smooth operation.

We have assigned a dedicated customer service executive to handle the day-to-day operations and co-ordination from pick-up to delivery. We have been able to convert a dream into reality.