e-Industrial Suppliers appoint SPD- SourceProcureDeliver.com as their Distribution Partner in India

e-Industrial Suppliers, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, makes their market entry into India, by partnering with SPD – SourceProcureDeliver.com, is the brand and Online Third-party Trading Interface owned by the Dubai based Altair Group.

The shift in e-Procurement is more evident and to great extent beneficial when materials are notavailable in the local markets or the local supplier/agent is not stocking the right mix of products in their inventories.

“The information technology age coupled with the revolution in terms of package tracking and shipment management has made it so comfortable to organize and manage shipments worldwide for us and for our customers,” says Patrick Flanagan IV, Vice President of e-Industrial Suppliers.

Mr Flanagan adds, “We are serving oil and gas companies; construction and electro-mechanical contractors. We ship small packages, from specialized bolts, tourqing instruments, safety breathing apparatus; gas detectors etc. Inventory in our eight distribution centres are available for inspection. We cater to customers 24 hours, 7 days a week and are able to manage requirements and issues in the shortest span of time,” reiterated Mr Patrick Flanagan IV.

SPD – SourceProcureDeliver.com is a third-party trading interface where suppliers and clients – both individuals and corporatescan conclude the sale and the process from payment to delivery is made completely seamless.Deliveries to the end-user are handled directly out of the overseas Distribution Centers completely doing away with having to be dependent on the local distributor to push sales.

'Apprehension abounds while entering any new market, especially India', said Augustine Chalissery, Managing Director of the Altair Group. 'As a Fourth Party (4 PL) Logistics Provider, our fundamental USP is the flexibility for new entrants, to build an alternate distribution channel to reach any market segment without being restricted to any single distributor. The seamless platform we offer gives comfortto the entrant in conceptualizing the market penetration strategy with minimum exposure and risk.

e-Industrial Suppliers, is one of the World’s largest e-Sourcing or e-Procurement companies, with a multi-billion turnover, representing more than 9,000 brands and holding stock of more than 300,000 products, across eight warehouses in the USA.

Altair Group, estbFebruary 2002, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has offices in Sultanate of Oman and Mumbai, India. Core specialization is in Consulting, Advisory, Strategic Planning, Task Automation, Supply Chain Management and General Trading. The core competencies, skills, expertise and experience of the Group, has been amalgamated into one brand - SPD – that functions as the Outsourcing Partner taking responsibility of the complexities of International Trading, Financial transactions, Freight and Logistics.