India takes over as world's largest beef exporter

Exports of Indian beef and buffalo meat are forecast to total 1.52 million tonnes in 2012, having surged by more than 70pc from a figure of 900,000t in 2010.

India is followed by Australia (1.4mt); Brazil (1.3mt), the United States (1.2mt), New Zealand (544,000t); Canada (450,000t); the European Union (445,000t); Uruguay (315,000t); Argentina (280,000t).
India is also home to the world’s largest cattle herd with 324 million head, followed by Brazil (197 million head); China (104 million head); the US (90.8m); the European Union (86.5m); Argentina (49.3m); Colombia (30.9m); Australia (29.6m); the nations of the former Soviet Union (28.3m) and Mexico (20m head).
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