About Us

Direct to Home Distributor

SPD – SourceProcureDeliver is a multi-purpose Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) Provider.


We are Change Agents – at the forefront in converting the technological advances happening around us into opportunities that encourage just about anyone to embrace entrepreneurship and for those already into business to scale up and gain better control over internal and external processes.


Our real competitive advantage is our ability to quickly adapt emerging technologies into practical business solutions. To do this, we draw on the study of research activities dealing with the development of scientifically-based innovative concepts, while also utilizing the experience we have acquired from comparable projects in which we developed application-oriented methods and tools.


SPD conceptualizes, designs and builds the architecture, processes and business logic of the customized made-to-measure Intelligent Interface (Software) that plugs-in every person within an organization, CRM and ERP applications and all external participants involved in the business.  We then take the additional responsibility of program coding, hardware integration, back-end operations, support and maintenance. 


Rules give the Process Owner the ability to set various parameters to manage incidents as needed, while alerts can be enabled to notify the appropriate users when tasks are approaching or overdue.


SPD first establishes a true understanding of how the existing system works – then we find ways to lean it out and optimize it. After this, checks and balances are put in place so a problem can be identified and understood as it is occurring. Once identified, SPD adjusts or tweaks the ‘assembly line’ to return performance to optimum levels. This experience is true across all industries.


SPD uses analytical tools and processes to assess workflow design and performance, identify disconnects, and defines the optimum process design based on dynamic business conditions, competition, customer demand and expectations.


The Interface Application we build is a single robust platform that can tap the power of mobile and cloud technologies to drive a transparent, systematic and disciplined improvement across the organization, breaking down the barriers of personalities and departments, through the supply chain, and out to customers.


SPD gathers together all the constituent parts required such as systems, processes, people and infrastructure with a view to providing the Client with a fully integrated value chain. We handle what we are good at and the Client gets to focus on its core business.


The Interface Application is not a one-size-fits-all product which is available ready-made and can be bought off the shelf. Each business model is unique. Internal workflows, processes, tasks, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) between the Organization and all external participants are mapped, customized and automated. This brings about clarity of purpose in all internal and external relationships. Mind controls Matter.


SPD’s Vision is “Democratize Technology”