India offers a huge pool of English speaking talented and skilled Engineers in various disciplines, good improving infrastructure and favourable Government policies. 


SPD facilitates Production Offshoring into India. We set-up the Indian arm of the Manufacturer in one of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ's), which has rules and labour laws that are favourable for overseas investors. SEZ's facilitate exports as well as a channel for domestic demand.


On setting up the Plant and Machinery, SPD, hires the personnel to run the Plant, introduces systems and procedures dovetailed into an Enterprise Software designed and developed in-house by the IT Team. We operates the Bank Account with the Manufacturer given access  to the User ID and Password. SPD takes responsibility and accountability of the day-to-day operations of the Plant.


SPD facilitates the outsourcing of components by identifying the right OEM. Based on design and samples provided we submit the new sample for approval. The manufacturing industry in India is quite advanced with most units adopting international standards in production and quality control. SPD takes on the responsibility and accountability for the production and quality control of the components as per the approved samples.


Original Equipment Manufacturers undertake Contract Manufacturing in various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Cosmetics, Lubricants, Automobiles, Aviation, Textile machinery etc.  It’s more cost effective to undertake the production of a wide range of products especially foodstuff in India itself, instead of importing it and then distributing it. India is a huge market with each of the 35 States equal to a seperate country. 


SPD facilitates in setting-up the small Manufacturing Unit and takes up the responsibility and accountability in production and well as setting up the Distribution Network across India. SPD handles this on a cost plus formula with the Investment being made by the Client and SPD managing the business on their behalf.


India has a huge manufacturing base and a thriving small and medium scale industry. Products can be fabricated as per design or samples provided. T-shirts and other garments with company logo and design can be manufactured in small numbers too. Cartons for Pizza and other specialized food items can be manufactured as per samples provided. Safety shoes, coveralls, Horse saddles, equestrian equipment can be manufactured as per design.


SPD procures products as per the Clients specific needs. Indian exports among many other are colored capsicum, pomegranates, fruits, vegetables, spices, oils, cosmetics, textiles, ready-made garments, pulses, gems and jewellery, medicines, electronics. handicrafts, dry fruits, tea and coffee, electrical products, sports goods, agri-products and equipment, dairy products and equipment, crockery, medical disposables, packaging films, engineering products, foot wear, silk fabric, dyes and pigments, chemicals for Oil and Gas industry, Agri industry, Leather industry etc to name a few.


SPD takes care of the entire process of procurement, payment to the supplier, quality control, pre and post inspection, export documentation and delivery to Buyer's port or airport.


SPD provides PAN-India Distribution solutions to companies looking to enter the Indian market. SPD becomes their Representative and Distributor in India. We provide bonded warehousing, setup the Distribution Network PAN-India, hold stock at various stock points across India, arrange last-mile deliveries, handle invoicing and payment collections, remit amount to the Client.