Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) Provider

4PL is defined as an arrangement in which a firm contracts out (outsources) its supply chain operations to two or more specialist firms – (Second-Party and Third-Party Logistics Providers) and hires another specialist firm (the Fourth Party) to co-ordinate the activities of the 2PL and 3PL providers.


The 4PL Provider brings in the technology to automate the work procedures, tasks and processes, designs the architecture of the software and appoints a dedicated team to run and operate the day-to-day operations.


Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) presents a solution that incorporates the advantages of both outsourcing and insourcing to provide maximum overall benefit to the Organization.


SPD takes complete operational responsibility of the back-end, integrating several third-party service providers onto a single seamless real-time platform. You get to concentrate on your front-end core activities, while SPD manages your entire procurement, supply chain, warehousing, inventory control and distribution process from purchase order management to proof of delivery.


Our fundamental USP is the flexibility & freedom to build an alternate distribution channel to reach any market segment without being restricted to a single Distributor. The seamless platform SPD offers gives you the comfort in conceptualizing the market penetration strategy with minimum exposure and risk. Inventory can be maintained in designated Third Party Logistics facilities, across India.


SPD gives you the power over your Distribution and Supply Chain channel by managing the entire chain of your business operations. SPD first establishes a true understanding of how your current existing supply chain machine works. Then we find ways to lean it out and optimize it. After this – checks and balances are put in place so a problem can be identified and understood as it is occurring. Once identified, SPD adjusts or tweaks the ‘assembly line’ to return performance to optimum levels. This experience is true across all industries.