Interactive Media B2C

Management is all about with visibility and control. End-to-end, 360˚ view is critical for strategizing. Therefore it is imperative that the two-way information flow between the Organization and the Customer should be without barriers. Internal processes and people creating these barriers need to be identified. Order placement and order fulfillment should be directly between the Organization and the Customer. The channel for distribution can vary as per the convenience of the Customer. A communication channel needs to be opened for the Customer to interact with the Organization directly.


Once this visibility is synced with standards and automation, the benefits of cloud computing, business process outsourcing and fourth-party logistics (4 PL) gets clearer. To advance and upgrade into the new levels of managing a business, there has to constant improvisation and innovation which is the key to having an edge over competition.


In the world of today, where everything is extremely advanced and people’s lives run on technology, creativity can only be best demonstrated through advanced techniques. This world of amalgamation of Creativity with Technology has given birth to what is now referred to as Interactive Media. Interactive Media refers to the Media that allows active participation from the end-user.


Any form of interface between the audience and the medium is referred to as interactive. SPD has gone beyond electronic media and digital media to design an Interactive Interface across the supply chain.


Milestone alerts by SMS and e-mail is activated as each staff completes the assigned task per order.


This means the Customer too gets visibility into the way in which the order is being processed internally.


Interactive B2C is an Enterprise Application that is designed using Workflow, Process and Task Automation. The audiences today are addicted to the Interactivity that tags along with Media – and SPD is leading the way to adapt to this ever changing environment.


Understanding this change in customer purchase trends the Interactive Interface designed by SPD bonds with the customer, right from the first contact with the Organization. The Customer receives automated updates, features, product analysis etc, as soon as the registration process is done. The interface also enables the customer to place his orders, make payment, receive invoices and get the product delivered to his residence or warehouse, with timely milestone alerts via SMS and e-mail.


This Interactive Interface is a hybrid of the ‘Dell Direct Sales System’ or ‘zero-inventory production-to-distribution system’ and the traditional sales force or stockist-distributor-dealer-retailer sales channel. Regardless of who or how the initial contact was made, the customer gets locked into the system, once the quote is confirmed and from there on all interaction is automated through the Interactive Interface. This is B2C in real-time.


The Interactive B2C vertical enables order processing, order fulfillment and delivery scheduling from Clients all across the Country. This way the output of production can be controlled by analyzing the demand and inventory management is based on real-time statistics rather than forecasts.