SPD is an engine that runs on its own self-generated fuel. It’s a robust platform, process driven, led by a Management Team, who have decades of hands-on experience in Supply Chain and International Trading. The potential to scale up and expand globally in a short period of time is very realistic. Investment in acquisitions that adds assets to the engine can further enhance the value chain.

The Trading Interface Management System is an automated real-time work flow, process and task management system. TIMS is a seamless integrated platform where Sellers, Buyers, Distributors, Retailers, Consumers, Third-party vendors, Client Service Executives – all access and process the data as per their individual need and requirement with minimal inconvenience.

SPD seamlessly intertwines the strengths and weaknesses of, and into one platform. The TIMS is an alternative to the Letter of Credit system. It provides a secure platform to conduct and conclude business. The reach of this platform is un-imaginable.


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