Trading Interface Management System

The Trading Interface Management System (TIMS) is the monitoring and tracking program, that provides the Buyer with milestone alerts right from receipt of payment, collection of shipment from Sellers warehouse, until delivery to door. Milestones can be customized as per requirement.

In case of imports or exports Buyer gets alerts on transport to nearest exit port or airport, customs clearance process, freight booking details of shipping line or airline and in most cases we deliver to the door through our Network of Freight Associates and Partners.

Individuals or International Buyers, who intend to source out of India, can place the order on the Seller in India, transfer the funds to SPD, which operates like an escrow account.

SPD undertakes to handle the physical inspection, quality and quantity or survey procedures where ever in India and make payment to the Seller in India as per Buyers agreed terms.

Distributors, Retailers or Consumers can place their orders and payment through the TIMS.

SPD settles payment with the Manufacturer or Trader ensuring delivery to the door of the Buyer, through the SPD’s Network of Freight Associates and Partners.