SPD Procure

India is a huge marketplace. The kind of choices you have on hand is un-imaginable. Each of the 35 States has its own unique cuisine, so too spices. Each State has its own specialization in Arts and Crafts: Metal – Copper, Brass, Bronze, Sheet metal;  Stone – marble, soapstone, stone carvings, stucco; Wood – carved word, painted wood, wooden objects.; Textiles – printed, embroidered, painted, stitched, dyed; Jewellery – tribal, terracotta, crochet; Leather – pouches, men’s and ladies wallets, handbags, jackets, The list is endless.

SPD positions itself as your personal Logistics Provider – what this means is that you may be a non-resident Indian settled in Melbourne, Toronto, New York, London or a student in Frankfurt, Vienna, Dublin, Moscow and you want something to be picked up from home or you wish to make purchases for a party coming up and get it delivered to the city where you reside,


You are based in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad or Chennai and you wish to make a purchase of an item like a guitar of a particular brand from New York, a brand of shoes that you only get in Australia, a Yonex badminton racquet from Singapore, a brand of cosmetic from Paris or home décor from Dubai,


You might want to pick-up something you saw on a vacation in Dehradun, Simla, Kashmir or Goa and get it delivered to where you live in India,


You could be decorating up your home and you would like get articrafts, paintings, electrical and bathroom fittings of Brands of Suppliers from across India or the World.  We provide you, your Architect and Interior Designer with cost estimation, consolidation where possible, collection from the Supplier and delivery to the site anywhere in India,


You could be a Tourist visiting India and you would like to get personal items from your country to be delivered to you as you travel across India or you would like a warehouse address in India where items that you like can be stored, consolidated and shipped to your city of residence,


You may have done your research on a product you have identified for a particular niche segment which has now to be procured from Hong Kong or Poland and delivered to you every week in Mumbai,


You may be based in Accra, Ghana and now you want to purchase an item from Los Angeles and get it delivered to Buenos Aires, Argentina.


All you have to do is to identify the supplier and decide what you wish to buy, provide us with the details and SPD will arrange collection from any city in India, or any city in the World, handle payment to the Supplier and have it delivered to your city of residence wherever you are based.


SPD handles the procurement, storage and warehousing, order fulfillment, inventory management and delivery PAN – India, regardless of size or value, from a supplier based in India or anywhere in the world.


SPD takes the responsibility to make payment to the Supplier, arrange collection from the Supplier’s door, import the item, complete Customs formalities and deliver to the door anywhere in India.


The SPD Tracker makes the purchase process hassle free. All you have to do is to send the product details, picture, supplier invoice, collection and delivery address and you get to experience the Automated Workflow Management system that updates you with milestone alerts as the shipment progresses through various stages.


You can complete the Registration process and start sending us your enquiries. 


You might just want to start something on your own: you neither have the funds nor do you have the platform to launch yourself – you can be our Associate and wherever you are based in the World, all you have to do is to step out and find out what your friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, retail outlets and wholesalers in your neighbourhood want and we will arrange collection from the Supplier and deliver to the Buyer’s door.