SPD Distribution

SPD has built this vertical specifically for the Manufacturer.


SPD takes responsibility and accountability of the entire back-end supply chain operations that includes procurement, inbound and outbound warehouse operations, inventory management, order fulfilment and last-mile deliveries up to proof of delivery (POD).


In-plants handle the day-to-day activities at the Warehouse, kitting, assembly, pick and pack including operating the Control Panel of tele-shopping portals like Home Shop 18, e-commerce portals like Flipkart and Snapdeal, e-commerce website, exports, and distribution to Stockists, Distributors, Retailer’s.


SPD’s solutions give the Manufacturer the option to re-work the entire stock movement by engaging the end Customer in the order fulfilment process. We build the Interface between the Manufacturer and the Customer with the Stockist and Distributor being part of the distribution and supply chain process. Regardless of who or how the initial contact was made, the customer gets locked into the system. Once the quote is confirmed all interaction from thereon, is automated through the InterfaceThis is B2C in real-time.


The Interface engages the end Customer by offering a range of value-added services. The Customer receives automated updates, features, product analysis etc, as soon as the registration process is done. The Interface also enables the Customer to place his orders, re-orders, payments, receive invoices and get the product delivered to his residence or warehouse, with timely milestone alerts via SMS and e-mail.


The Sales force of the Manufacturer or Trader and that of the Distributor integrates into the Interface, thereby giving direct access to the intelligence from the field. The Interface also hosts catalogues which can be accessed by the Sales force across the country. Updates and promotional material can be sent directly by e-mail to qualified prospects as well as existing Clients.


Presentations can be updated and accessed by the Sales force on the field directly from the Server or presented using their laptops. Daily Sales Reports, the Weekly Planner, allocation of Targets per Sales person, grading of prospects, evaluation of non-closures can be automated. Sales calls can be crossed checked by GPS tracking of their smart phones. The entire Sales strategy can shift from a pressure based target oriented system to a daily productivity based system.


The Interface processes customer enquiries, quotations, orders, locates the nearest stock- point, arranges collection from the nearest distribution centre and delivers to the end customer. It draws a seamless line straight through the sales lead generation process, enquiry filtration, prospect identification and classification, quotation process, order management & fulfilment, customer service, warehouse & inventory management, delivery process, billing and payment collection.   


The immediate benefits are end-to-end process control, visibility and traceability, Enhanced Return on Capital Employed (ROCE), reduction in operating costs, increases in efficiencies and improvement in cost of supply chain operations whilst maintaining the balance of service and quality. 


SPD goes about structuring the solution by virtue of its domain expertise in building the Business Process Management Software (BPMS) which is a new layer above the existing CRM, ERP and Accounting system.